What I Wore: Cerulean Chillin

Become a vulture! Huh? Okay, let me start from the beginning. I saw this tie at the store. And I wanted it. It was $69.95. I couldn’t justify paying that much. It’s nice, it’s just not Xbox One or PS4 game, nice. My problem is, if I don’t buy something right away, I start to regret it. I start thinking… it’s not gonna be there when I go back! I should’ve just bought it!!

But deep down, I know that if I’m just patient and wait it out, that tie will go on sale. The catch? Picking the right sale. You don’t want to just scoop it up on the first sale for a measly 20% off. So, like a vulture, you just have to watch it and wait. Until the right moment, when there’s no more fight left in it and then it can become yours! I think that’s what vultures do. If not that, it’s pretty similar.

So this has basically been a long winded way to tell you, I waited until this tie was on sale and ended up only paying $10.00!


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