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What I wore: 16 Bit Serenity

There are many things I enjoy. But of my actual hobbies, the only thing to even come close to rivaling my love of comics, is my love of video games.

Of course, it’s a love-hate relationship. I mean, they can be frustrating! Like, throw your control at the TV and EVERYTHING BREAKS, frustrating! But they can also bring feelings of joy and accomplishment. Like when you triumphantly jump from your chair, screaming in excitement, as you bravely save the world. That’s usually followed by a quick reminder of how lonely you are as there is no one else in the room. And you’re forced to high five yourself.

It’s not the best existence but it’s the one we chose! And you know what, once in a while…a very long while, the real world rewards you! Like Mr. Hankee has rewarded me by naming this gamer inspired pocket square, The Forbes!


Thanks Mr. Hankee! But I do this to save lives, not for recognition; just to save the lives of the fake men and women (really just the fake women) of the fictional world I happen to be unsuccessfully navigating my vehicle thru. If I wanted to play a driving game, I would play a DRIVING GAME! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!

FullSizeRender_grid 1 full size_jacket full size_grid 2 Vid Grid Shoes PicMonkey Collage

What I Wore: Cerulean Chillin

Become a vulture! Huh? Okay, let me start from the beginning. I saw this tie at the store. And I wanted it. It was $69.95. I couldn’t justify paying that much. It’s nice, it’s just not Xbox One or PS4 game, nice. My problem is, if I don’t buy something right away, I start to regret it. I start thinking… it’s not gonna be there when I go back! I should’ve just bought it!!

But deep down, I know that if I’m just patient and wait it out, that tie will go on sale. The catch? Picking the right sale. You don’t want to just scoop it up on the first sale for a measly 20% off. So, like a vulture, you just have to watch it and wait. Until the right moment, when there’s no more fight left in it and then it can become yours! I think that’s what vultures do. If not that, it’s pretty similar.

So this has basically been a long winded way to tell you, I waited until this tie was on sale and ended up only paying $10.00!


1_grid 2_grid 5_shirt collage 3 6_shoes 3_shirt 7_final ensemble

It’s Hip to be Square…Pocket Square. I like Pocket Squares and Huey Lewis.

all the squares

Before my obsession with ties grew into the monster that it currently is, there was another monster: pocket squares. It started with a standard 3 pack of white ones. I would fold them in all sorts of cockamamie ways. The one point, the two point, the three point, the puff, the dunaway, the reverse puff (you haven’t lived until you’ve reverse puffed!). I’ve even done the pocket volcano. All in an attempt to make my 3 white squares seem different. It never dawned on me to just buy different ones. That is, until one fateful day at Nordstrom Rack. Yes, Rack, not regular. Regular Nordstrom is for those in several price brackets above me.

Anyway, there I was wandering around looking for, I don’t know what, when out walked a sales person with a silver bowl. Inside was a rainbow of patterns and colors that would tie up my next three paychecks and anger my loved ones. Pocket squares! It instantly changed everything. My variety now came through the pocket square itself and not just how I chose to fold it. My squares are now square, no points or puffs, except for the occasional variation. It’s still fun to play around from time to time. Now I’m not saying that your pocket squares must be squares. Fold the way you want to fold, but you don’t have to be gimmicky to be different. You just need a little variety.

For instance, you probably like rice, but if all you had was plain white rice, you’d probably go insane. Then your girlfriend would leave you. Distraught from this new development, you start to underperform at work; your boss notices and fires you. Then you lose the house and wander the streets cold and alone wondering where things went wrong…STELLLAAAAAAAAA!!!

So the moral of the story? Don’t go crazy. Get some variety! This doesn’t even have to be expensive, unless you want it to be…then spend away! Here’s a look at some of my collection:

All of these were under $10:

10 dollars 1 10 dollars 2

These were all between $15-$25:

25 dollars 1 25 dollars 2

Build your collection slowly and purposefully. Don’t just buy to buy, use discretion and buy it because you love it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m headed over to The Rack to check the silver bowl.

pocket square 4 edited

What I wore: Velvet Fog

When you decide to purchase and wear a velvet blazer you run into styling issues pretty quick. The fact that the blazer is velvet can be overpowering. So you can let it do just that, be your center piece, or you can make the other elements just as powerful. That’s what I went for with this outfit. You have to be careful  and make sure your powers get along or you have a power struggle! And nobody wants that.  Then you have to go to the United Nations of Colors and nothing ever gets done there. It’s just a lot of gavel banging and crayon throwing. I used powerful colors and patterns to compliment the jackets beauty on this one. I think it worked…maybe?

1_grid 1 2_grid 2 3_accessories 4_shoes 5_grid 3 6_final chestie