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Pinterest! (I totally made that up. It’s an original. Just don’t Google it!)

Lapel pins are a lot like people. They come in all shapes and sizes. And much like people, there are some you love, some you like, and some you completely ignore in hopes that they’ll go away. I thought it would be nice to show you some of my favorite lapel accessories to help you diversify your collection.


These felt beauties from Suited Man are perfect for adding a small amount of awesome.

Suited Man 1Suited Man 2

Two Guys Bowtie – These wooden lapel flowers are a unique and rustic way to stay dapper.


Hello Oliver – With a wide selection of color and sizes, Hello Oliver has a flower that’s right for you.

HelloOliver1 HelloOliver2

Don’t like flowers? Then BubiBubi Ties has the perfect lapel pins for you.


Harrison Blake‘s collection of lapel pins is vast, diverse and beautiful.

Harrison blake 1

MDI Collection‘s Etsy shop has the most unique variety of lapel accessories.


Dappertude has a great selection of lapel pins that are dapper with attitude…dappertude. Hey, I just got that!


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.28.20 PM

Hook & Albert‘s lapel flowers are elegant and unmatched in quality.

HookAlbert HookAlbert2

Magnepels offers a lapel pin that’s not a pin. They use magnets for a strong, secure fit.


Setting the Bar

Taking something awesome and combining it with something else, that is also awesome, tends to yield fantastic results. For instance, take Transfomers. Cars, awesome! Robots, awesome! Combined… amazing!

Still not convinced? Okay how about this…David Hasselhoff, awesome! Red swim trunks, awesome! Combined you get Baywatch! The greatest historical account of aging gracefully on a beach!

But does this work in fashion…

Ties are awesome. Being cool and hip and trendy is awesome.  So what would happen if you combined all of that? The answer is easy. You get The Tie Bar! An affordable amazing place to get the men’s accessories we all need and love.

And you don’t have to take my word for it, you can ask the slew of celebrities that don the Tie Bar’s beautiful neck wear. Celebrities not good enough you? Then perhaps GQ can convince you, since The Tie Bar is regularly shown off on it’s cover and in it’s pages.

For those of us in the D.C. metro area, we can go see for ourselves! That’s right, The Tie Bar, has opened up a shop located within the Shaw neighborhood’s trendy apartment retail community The Shay (1935 9th St NW, Washington D.C.), the temporary shop will remain open for a limited time this fall season and offer shoppers an exclusive sampling of The Tie Bar’s latest offerings.

If this is getting you all excited, then you’ll be happy to know that we were able to interview Mr. Michael Corrigan the Publicist for The Tie Bar and all around extremely kind fellow!

great sign_small

I always ask about the name. So The Tie Bar is a truly inspired name, because tie bars are awesome, but also because your site is like a bar, but, instead of serving countless kinds of alcohol, you serve something much more addicting…ties! So how did you come up with that name?

The company was founded by a husband and wife duo, a little over a decade ago here in Chicago. The husband spilled a drink on his tie and after discovering it was ruined, wondered why it cost so much. As lawyers, they were sick of spending a fortune on neckties and knew there had to be a solution. The idea behind The Tie Bar was born!


Many big names have worn your ties, like, Neil Patrick Harris, Justin Timberlake, and Jimmy Fallon. Who’s was the coolest person to ever wear your ties…is it Bruce Willis!!? I mean when John McLane takes time from showing Hans Gruber who’s boss to wear one of your ties, that’s got to be a big deal…right?

We are so fortunate to have gained a long list of celebrity brand fans over the years. Especially when that has turned into long standing partnerships like our Tie The Knot collection with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson or our ongoing collection with NBA star Dwyane Wade.  Neil Patrick Harris worked with us for Father’s Day this year as a website curator for charity, that promotion we were very excited about!  We also had Andy Samberg wear one of our newest bowtie designs on the red carpet when he hosted the Emmy Awards this year. That was an exciting moment for us too.

whole room_small

You have one of the most affordable product lines available to tie-loving men, how much effort goes into keeping the prices so reasonable, the quality so high and the selection so large?

Over the last decade, a lot has changed. Our operating costs have risen steadily over the years, but we refuse to sacrifice our quality in anyway.  We take a tremendous amount of pride and are willing to put in the hard work required to remain the top destination for premium men’s accessories at awesome prices.

Your blog – Behind the Bar, give us a much more personal glimpse into the The Tie Bar team. How did you all decide to launch that in addition to everything else you have going on?


We really wanted an opportunity to explore things and places that we love, preview new developments that the brand has going on, and allow us to continue being a style and overall lifestyle authority for our shoppers. The positive feedback that we have gotten on it has been so great for us.

The Ask A Stylist feature on the website is genius!! Who gets credit for that?

With over 10,000 products on our website, we understand that sometimes guys need a little styling help.  We are happy to oblige!

good sign_small

The Tie Bar Bus came to D.C. and I missed it! But it seemed like a really fun premise. Will you be doing something like that again?

We are so happy to announce that we are opening our first DC pop up shop this NovemberIt will be located within the Shaw neighborhood’s trendy apartment retail community The Shay (1924 8th St NW, Washington D.C.) the temporary shop will remain open throughout the upcoming holiday season and offer shoppers an exclusive sampling of The Tie Bar’s latest offerings.

Is working at The Tie Bar as much fun as it seems?

Everything and more!


Now Five Signature Questions with Christian:

Who is your Favorite Superhero or Villain?

Batman.  There is something so much cooler about a superhero that does not rely on his superpowers.  We also are biased towards the Batmobile around here

Who wins in a fight Batman or Superman?

I guess we will find out when the movie comes out next year!

Which Star Wars Character would you be?

Han Solo any day of the week.

What’s your Favorite cereal of all time?

Raisin Brain all the way.

Are your dirty clothes on the floor or in the hamper, right now?                      

Never! Ok maybe occasionally guilty on that one.