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What is urple with purple?

Over the years men have embraced the color pink. And with very good reason, it’s an amazing color. It can add power to an otherwise bland outfit or it can be a soft, subtle compliment to a well curated combo. But not all colors are as highly revered. For instance, take the color purple. Not the Whoopi Goldberg movie…that color purple is awesome! Sistaaaa Rememba Ya Naaaaaamme!

Purple ties

Okay so not that purple, the actual purple. Unfortunately purple is often overlooked. Like pork, and I’m not talking about bacon or ribs, I’m talking about pork, the other white meat. You know it exists, but you’re usually like I think I’ll just have chicken or beef…keep that pork to yourself. But pork can be delicious! And purple can be fantastic.

Dapper in Purple - @theamateurprofessional
Dapper in Purple – @theamateurprofessional

Where purple gets a bad rap is in the way it’s often presented or showcased. A lot times, it’s shown in an obnoxious or abrasive manner, when in fact, it’s a marvelous color. Much like pink, it can strengthen or calm your attire. And much like pink, it’s available in a variety of amazing shades and hues.

Purple pocket squares

I urge you to give it a try, but be careful, because for men, purple is also like sesame oil. You only need a little…if you use too much then you get Chopped! And you’ll be all like, I think the judges made a mistake, I made an amazing dish, Scott and Amanda were way off….blah blah blah, wah wah wah. Yeah I know not everyone will get that reference, but it’s worth it for those of you that will.

Purple Ensemble

It’s All in the Dappertude

Do you remember when you were young and you would get in trouble for saying something, and you’d be like “what’d I say?” and some adult would fire back “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it!!!”

In those instances they were referring to your attitude, which in the moment elevated you from child to certified bad boy! And as we all know chicks dig bad boys.

Well that concept has somewhat translated to fashion by way of Johnny Li founder of the men’s wear brand Dappertude. Dapper style for men with a little attitude. In fact you could say: it’s not what you wear but how you wear it…sort of…well I guess in this case it IS about what you wear. Because Dappertude sells men’s accessories and they have some pretty great items…this line of thought is kind of unraveling…QUICK!!! CUT TO THE INTERVIEW! What do you mean I’m being mean? All I said was, cut to the interview. What do you mean it’s not WHAT I said?….Oh OH! I get it. Well played.

Dappertude Founder, Johnny Li

I always like to start with the name…so how did you come up with the name Dappertude?

 There isn’t much story behind how I thought of Dappertude, I wanted a unique name for my business which had the word Dapper in it and also meant something. After a while of brainstorming, I came to the conclusion of Dapper Attitude, motto: dress so that you have the Dapper Attitude. I noticed that it was a long name so I shortened it to DAPPERTUDE.

What inspired you to start up Dappertude?

It all started when I was working on Hong Kong, I was shopping on day discovered the so called pocket square, at first I didn’t wear it a lot but after getting compliments from friends and strangers, I started buying more and more. When I came back to Sydney I noticed that people were wearing suits without the pocket square and I even asked a stranger (who was looking really dapper) why he didn’t wear a pocket square, he just replied “ I don’t know where to get them from.” That’s when it hit me to start DAPPERTUDE. 

Just one of Dappertude’s amazing lapel pins. To see more head to www.dappertude.com.

You’re based in Sydney, Australia, but you have quite a following in the US as well. What’s it like serving customers from all over the world?

It’s fantastic to see that the dapper style isn’t just 1 country’s style but a style that is universal.

Since you are based in Australia, perhaps you can settle an argument for me…who is more dreamy, Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth…AHEM, I mean…who wins in a fight, Thor or Wolverine?

Definitely Thor will win with his crazy hammer and the more dreamy one would have to be Hugh.


Your product selection includes both lapel pins and pocket squares, what’s more popular with your customers right now?

To be honest, right now the popularity between the both is 50/50. Some people only like pocket squares while some people love the lapel pins.

For your limited edition pocket squares, you teamed up with The Bespoke Corner tailors, tell us about that collaboration.

 It just started off with a chat and then I blinked an eye and “hay its ready.” It was so quick but a great collaboration.

Dappertude has a sweet pocket square collection – including this bad boy.

Okay, if you can only wear one or the other, for the rest of your life, do you keep lapel pins or pocket squares?

I’m sorry lapel pins but the pocket squares has been beside me since the beginning, its time to part ways.

Your lapel pins are divided into the Monday, Friday and Sunday collections…so which one are you?

Like any other Aussie, I’m definitely a Friday person. J Fridays are the best days of the week!

What’s cuter, a baby Kangaroo or a baby Koala bear?

They are both cute, very cute.

Here are Johnny’s Dappertudists.

I love Crocodile Dundee!! I mean I LOVE that movie! Wally, Nugget and Donk! But how do the Australian people feel about Mick Dundee? Is he beloved like he is here? And when I say “here,” I am pointing to my heart.

I’m not sure about the rest of Australia but I certainly loved Dundee, its unfortunate that kids these days wouldn’t have a clue who he is… which is a shame because they won’t know that “The funnel web spider can kill a man in eight seconds, just by lookin’ at him.”

Is there anything you’re not currently selling that you would like to see Dappertude carry in the future?

There is a big list of things which I would love to see Dappertude carry in the future. Ranging from cravats and cufflinks to bespoke tailoring of suits, shirts and even shoes. Anything that will bring out the Dapper Attitude in a gentleman.

Johnny is so cool he even has monogrammed shirts! Look at that cuff!

And now Five Signature Questions with Christian:

Who is your Favorite Superhero or Villain?

Saitama from One Punch Man

Who wins in a fight Batman or Superman?

Superman all the way… he’s like invincible….unless batman has kryptonite in his belt… then it’s Batman.

Which Star Wars Character would you be?

I would probably want to be R2-D2….*Big Grin*

What’s your Favorite cereal of all time?

Crunchy Nut!! I could eat this for breaky, lunch and dinner.

Are your dirty clothes on the floor or in the hamper, right now?

Definitely in the hamper, you can’t be dapper without clean clothes.

And the Oscar goes to…

Have you ever seen a movie? Of course you have. Well, you know how they give out awards to the people in the movies and the categories are always Best Actor/Actress and then Best Actor/Actress in a supporting role? That’s to distinguish the star of said movie from the supporting cast. It’s usually a clear distinction.

Do your outfits have the same distinction? You may want them to! It’s hard for certain pieces to work in harmony together if they are all trying to command your attention. If your tie and shirt are both overpowering…well, then there’s a power struggle. And when there’s a power struggle everybody loses.

So how can one avoid this? Well before putting it all together…choose! Pick which piece you want to be the star. Then select the other items in a way that will compliment or highlight the star, not compete with it. This doesn’t mean that the other pieces will go unnoticed. In fact, in a lot of movies the supporting actor outshines the star! Not because they’re power hungry, but because they are fulfilling their role perfectly.

A worthy of being the Star Whole outfit, but the tie is the star

Like Anne Hathaway in Les Mis! Let’s be honest, nobody‘s going to see the 97th remake of Les Mis to see Catwoman. You go to see Wolverine! But then you see it and you’re like: “When’s Wolverine gonna pop his claws…I’m bored…Cat Woman’s sooo pretty…and she can sing…I LOVE YOU CATWOMAN!!”

And then she wins best supporting actress and Wolverine is all like “What about me BUB!!?”…SNIKT

Bird’s Eye Blazer

Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful blazer!

Nothing makes me happier than food, but a beautiful blazer is a close second!

Nothing makes me happier than food and videogames and comics, but a beautiful blazer is up there! This is a Bird’s-Eye Wool Blazer from J.Crew! I don’t know what Bird’s-Eye Wool is…but I love it!  Maybe when I wear it, it’ll give me bird vision, but not just any bird…an Eagle. Yeah Eagle Vision…and not just any Eagle…Eagle Eye Cherry!!!


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