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What is urple with purple?

Over the years men have embraced the color pink. And with very good reason, it’s an amazing color. It can add power to an otherwise bland outfit or it can be a soft, subtle compliment to a well curated combo. But not all colors are as highly revered. For instance, take the color purple. Not the Whoopi Goldberg movie…that color purple is awesome! Sistaaaa Rememba Ya Naaaaaamme!

Purple ties

Okay so not that purple, the actual purple. Unfortunately purple is often overlooked. Like pork, and I’m not talking about bacon or ribs, I’m talking about pork, the other white meat. You know it exists, but you’re usually like I think I’ll just have chicken or beef…keep that pork to yourself. But pork can be delicious! And purple can be fantastic.

Dapper in Purple - @theamateurprofessional
Dapper in Purple – @theamateurprofessional

Where purple gets a bad rap is in the way it’s often presented or showcased. A lot times, it’s shown in an obnoxious or abrasive manner, when in fact, it’s a marvelous color. Much like pink, it can strengthen or calm your attire. And much like pink, it’s available in a variety of amazing shades and hues.

Purple pocket squares

I urge you to give it a try, but be careful, because for men, purple is also like sesame oil. You only need a little…if you use too much then you get Chopped! And you’ll be all like, I think the judges made a mistake, I made an amazing dish, Scott and Amanda were way off….blah blah blah, wah wah wah. Yeah I know not everyone will get that reference, but it’s worth it for those of you that will.

Purple Ensemble

Bird’s Eye Blazer

Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful blazer!

Nothing makes me happier than food, but a beautiful blazer is a close second!

Nothing makes me happier than food and videogames and comics, but a beautiful blazer is up there! This is a Bird’s-Eye Wool Blazer from J.Crew! I don’t know what Bird’s-Eye Wool is…but I love it!  Maybe when I wear it, it’ll give me bird vision, but not just any bird…an Eagle. Yeah Eagle Vision…and not just any Eagle…Eagle Eye Cherry!!!


grid 1 grid 2 tie pocket square grid 3 socks belt glasses



Copy cat

Sometimes in the world of fashion, it can be hard to not flat out copy someone’s clothes. In fact, at times, I see the likes of @matthewgraber, @thedressedchest, and @ejsamson and I say to myself immediately…Self! You are gonna copy the mess outta that outfit! But whenever possible, it’s always better to be inspired by another’s fashion sense than to simply copy it, like this:

copycat v2

For instance, if you were a superhero who started as a scrawny weakling, who volunteered for an experimental government program that gave you super strength, speed and agility, plus you had an awesome shield and you were way into America…then you’d be Captain America. Now if you were the Fighting American you would have still started as a scrawny weakling, who volunteered for an experimental government program that gave you super strength, speed and agility, plus you would still have an awesome shield and you would also be way into America. But you’d be a copycat…and not a very popular one.

Besides, what looks good on you may not look so good on me. So be inspired!

First, figure out why you like that particular outfit. Is it the shirt, the tie, the blazer, the pocket square, the lapel pin, the color scheme? What is it that made you take notice? If it’s a specific item, then buy it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying that exact item. That’s why they make more than one…so lots of people can have them. Then you can take that item an incorporate it into a combo that’s all your own, like so:


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.54.06 PM

If it’s something like the color scheme, why not try recreating the outfit with similar colors that you already have? Don’t go out and buy a bunch of new things to create an exact replica of the picture. Instead, use what you have, perhaps going a shade lighter or darker in certain areas.

color scheme v2

poshman v2

You may be delightfully surprised at the outcome…or feel angry at me for having wasted your time. In either case, we did something together. And isn’t that what’s important…togetherness!


Bleecker Bleecker!

Last months Sprezzabox was the Bleecker box. That’s Bleecker not Beaker…Beaker is Dr. Bunsen Honydew’s assistant and Bleecker is a Sprezzabox filled with lots of great men’s accessories. This month was special though, as we were treated to the first ever Sprezza Tie and Sprezza Pocket Square. So what do you do on such a momentous occasion?

You show sprezzabox three ways!! Mee-Meep!!

All three pieces Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 tie square Flower