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Knot your average tie!

You know how a really beautiful woman can be distracting? Like if you are walking around with a gorgeous woman on your arm, it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing. You could have on the world’s ugliest suit and everyone one think you look good, because they’re distracted by the beauty on your arm. Imagine if you were walking around with, I dunno…Bea Arthur. No one’s gonna care what you’re wearing. Why?! Because you have a super hottie on your arm making you look good…Yes she is! Bea Arthur is gorgeous! Sure, she may not fit into your “conventional” beauty types, but she has a unique handsomeness to her…FINE! Then how about… let’s see here…who do the kids like these days?…Sally Fields, you know she played Gidget. No love for old Sally, huh? Okay, how ‘bout Charlize…I think we can all agree on Charlize.

What was I even getting at…OH YEAH! Just like a beautiful woman can make any guy look good, a drop dead gorgeous necktie can do the same for your suits.  Just like this beauty from my friends over at General Knot & Co. – this handcrafted beauty makes every suit I own a big fat winner!



Blue Brown Gray

Where’s that from?

There’s something that all women dread. Showing up somewhere and having the same outfit on as someone else. I used to think that was dumb. I mean, who cares if someone has on your dress? I was mistaken. I totally get it now. I mean, you don’t want to show up somewhere and someone is wearing the same tie as you. Then everyone’s like: “Look at you too! You’re twins!! Let’s get a picture! Everyone let’s get a picture of the twins!!” Ugh…twin idiots. EMBARRASSING.

all ties

Now, with awesome companies like Sprezzabox becoming more and more popular, we are gonna end up owning the same tie. So how do we go about avoiding this embarrassing situation?

Well, you could develop super fantastic ninja skills and then secretly track the movements of everyone you know so that you don’t buy the same ties. But developing ninja skills isn’t that easy. So instead you could call everyone every day and ask them what tie they will be wearing. But then people will think you’re crazy and they’ll probably stop taking your phone calls. Then we’re back at square one.

The best way to solve this one is to try diversifying your collection. There will always be ties that everyone or at least, a lot of people, will own. So why not round out your collection with things that are unique, ties that almost no one will own.

A good way to start is by looking for ties that are made in limited quantity. Now be careful, because this can be misinterpreted for ties that are expensive. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can search through sites like Etsy, Scout Mob, Tied Down Ties and Hugh and Crye.

This is one of my favorite Tied Down Ties:

vertical orange up close orange Corkscrew orange

And if you’re willing to spend a little more on a product of amazing design and quality then check out my friends at General Knot & Co. They make amazing ties, like this one!

vertical yellowup close yellow corkscrew yellow

An Etsy find:

vertical blue up close blue Corksrew blue

And finally, a classic Hugh & Crye.

vertical pink up close pink corkscrew pink

In the end, much like mother-in-laws, this situation can’t always be avoided. But with some tie diversification you can make sure it doesn’t happen too often. I don’t know how to help you with the mother-in-law thing.

Generally Speaking.

1_ties in a rowI would love to say that I have been on the General Knot & Co. train since they started. Admittedly, I was late to the party. But now that I’m in, I’m never leaving! NEVER!

Ann and Andrew (the owners, I use their first names…no big deal) created a company where their love and creativity show brilliantly in each piece of neck art they create. From the fabrics to the packaging, each piece is an exciting adventure. Like an Indiana Jones movie. Or STAR WARS! Fsshhwuuunnnn…Shwunnnnn….Fuhwnnnnnnnn…Sick sound effects bro! Cough Cough…excuse me.

The ties are made in limited quantity and feature insanely awesome fabrics from around the world, some dating all the way back to the early 1900’s.

4_side angle

I had a chance to sit down with Anne and Andrew…via email …and asked them a few questions:

Where did the name General Knot & Co. come from?

Andrew: Yep- the name was all Ann! We had been playing around with the overall concept for a while- and even knew the essential look of the logo/font, but didn’t have a name. While getting ready in the morning, I asked her if she had an idea for the name. She took one look in my direction and boom, out it came… General Knot & Co. For some reason, it just went perfectly with what we were planning. 

What pushed you in the direction of Men’s Accessories?

Ann: It was always part of my career before we started this, plus I love putting a man together and seeing his confidence shoot up because he looks good.

Andrew: I’ve always loved ties (even as a child). In fact, my mentor Brian Bubb used to pay me in ties – he made beautiful ties, so I couldn’t have been happier. Combining that with a fascination for vintage fabrics and a lengthy career in men’s design, building a brand around making men’s accessories was the most natural direction to take.

Your customer service is amazing. So, why online and not brick-and-mortar?

Andrew: Firstly, thank you. Coming from a corporate background where we designed loads of products for customers we rarely met, having the opportunity to know our customers now (through social media and local events) is great fun and makes the whole creative process very personal. With that said, brick and mortar is a worthwhile goal that we will hopefully grow into.

Have you ever come across a fabric you loved but couldn’t use? Why couldn’t you use it?

Ann: We have a particular scenic that is from the 1930s which is beautifully printed on what appears to be a light weight linen and it is the entire story of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.  We just do not want to take scissors to it and need to find a respectful way of using it.

Andrew: Too many to count! We purchase fabric all the time- whenever we see something we love, but don’t always have an end-use in mind. Sometimes the weight is not right for a tie or the pattern scale may not work, but we buy it anyway, assuming that the right “other” product will present itself down the road.

The way you package your items really generates excitement. It’s like getting a gift. How did you come to that decision?

Ann: Packaging came about because of Andrew.  It is more work but definitely makes a difference!

Andrew: Actually the word “gift” is the key. We work hard to create very special products and we like to think that our customers are purchasing them as gifts to themselves (or a friend). We always hope there’s a certain excitement when opening a General Knot & Co. box!

On your blog you have a few food and recipe entries. What’s your favorite home cooked meal?

Ann: We try to keep the cooking (experimenting) to the weekend but sometimes it spills over into the week if we find a cool recipe.  Our kids are very adventurous and are game for anything.

Andrew: We love to cook, even when we’re too tired to even think about it! Ann makes the most delicious salads (subtle and balanced flavors and textures), while I tend to be the one with a heavier hand (stews, sauces, and anything grilled). A favorite? Maybe our schnitzel or beef tips & mushrooms… accompanied by a great salad.

What is the coolest tie you’ve ever made? Can I have it? Can I at least see a picture of it?

Ann: I would have to say that each time we get a box from one of our factories I find my “favorite” which means every week it changes.

Andrew: That’s a tough one. I’d probably go with the “Cactus Flower”. I love the fabric and colors. Ann made the first one for me, so it holds a special place among my collection.

Who is more awesomer…the most awesomest… Ann or Andrew?

Ann: He puts up with me so I guess he wins that one.

Andrew: Ann, for sure. The most brilliant designer I know (and I know some amazing ones!)


And now what will no doubt become a famous segment – Five Signature Questions with Christian:

Who is your Favorite Superhero or Villain?

Ann: I don’t think Commissioner Gordon is a super hero but Gary Oldman is…

Andrew: The Joker (by Heath Ledger)

Who wins in a fight, Batman or Superman?

Ann: Batman- I don’t like a dude in leotards unless they are black… so Batman

Andrew: Batman (Christian Bale not George Clooney).

Which Star Wars character would you be?

Ann: Chewbacca.  Loud and cute

Andrew: Hans Solo. Always flying by the seat of his pants.

What’s your favorite cereal of all time?

Ann: Breakfast: Frosted Mini Wheats, Desert- Capt. Crunch Crunch berries

Andrew: Capt. Crunch (or Honeycombs)

Are your dirty clothes on the floor or in the hamper, right now?

Ann: Both and often, but don’t tell our boys.  We always tell them to be neat.

Andrew: Both (and elsewhere)

Thank you again to Ann and Andrew!! Please checkout their masterful work at www.generalknot.com