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Bleecker Bleecker!

Last months Sprezzabox was the Bleecker box. That’s Bleecker not Beaker…Beaker is Dr. Bunsen Honydew’s assistant and Bleecker is a Sprezzabox filled with lots of great men’s accessories. This month was special though, as we were treated to the first ever Sprezza Tie and Sprezza Pocket Square. So what do you do on such a momentous occasion?

You show sprezzabox three ways!! Mee-Meep!!

All three pieces Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 tie square Flower


Empire strikes back!

The SprezzaBox for the month of August was the Empire Box! I know, I was excited too. Of course, I did think I would be getting star wars stuff. I mean, the only empire I know of consists of the Emperor, Lord Vader and a lot (and I mean a lot) of guys in white with E-11 Blasters that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. That’s an odd saying right? I mean are there a lot of people trying to hit barns on their broad side.


Anywho…I was way off on the whole Empire thing, but not disappointed! The contents were awesome and I thought I’d show them off in three ways.

purple 2 purple 3 purple 1


ROMANS! They had an empire!!! BA-BAM that’s two Empires I know about…I’m like a walking encyclopedia.