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No judging.

I’m sure in your lifetime, you’ve told someone that they have beautiful eyes. Do you know why you thought that? It’s because those eyes were part of someone’s face. If you saw the same eyes laying on the ground you’d be like…AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And then you would run away in horror.

Sometimes the same principal applies to clothes. Perhaps you have a shirt or tie or blazer, that, by itself, isn’t much to look at. It might even be downright ugly. But when it’s part of something, when it’s a part of an entire outfit, it’s beautiful.

tie 1

I know someone, who will remain anonymous, that every time I pick up a tie, says “You’re getting that?! It’s not very nice. Blah blah blah! Nag nag nag!”

And then I put my outfit together and they say: “I really like that tie! Where’d you get it?!”

And I’m all like: “It’s the one you said you didn’t like…and I hate you. Jerk.”

And then they’re all like: “What?!”

And I’m all like: “I said, I hate work…”

So I guess in conclusion…never give up on your dreams…Wait. That’s part of a different speech.

tie 2

Ah yes, here we are…

…So in conclusion, never judge an article of clothing on its own. Try and visualize what it will look like as part of an entire ensemble. You never know how that ugly duckling may shine in an ensemble. And then you can stick it to that naysayer in the background!

Blah blah blah! Nag nag nag! Well…in YOUR FACE ANNA. Ahem. I mean, whoever it happens to be.





Where’s that from?

There’s something that all women dread. Showing up somewhere and having the same outfit on as someone else. I used to think that was dumb. I mean, who cares if someone has on your dress? I was mistaken. I totally get it now. I mean, you don’t want to show up somewhere and someone is wearing the same tie as you. Then everyone’s like: “Look at you too! You’re twins!! Let’s get a picture! Everyone let’s get a picture of the twins!!” Ugh…twin idiots. EMBARRASSING.

all ties

Now, with awesome companies like Sprezzabox becoming more and more popular, we are gonna end up owning the same tie. So how do we go about avoiding this embarrassing situation?

Well, you could develop super fantastic ninja skills and then secretly track the movements of everyone you know so that you don’t buy the same ties. But developing ninja skills isn’t that easy. So instead you could call everyone every day and ask them what tie they will be wearing. But then people will think you’re crazy and they’ll probably stop taking your phone calls. Then we’re back at square one.

The best way to solve this one is to try diversifying your collection. There will always be ties that everyone or at least, a lot of people, will own. So why not round out your collection with things that are unique, ties that almost no one will own.

A good way to start is by looking for ties that are made in limited quantity. Now be careful, because this can be misinterpreted for ties that are expensive. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can search through sites like Etsy, Scout Mob, Tied Down Ties and Hugh and Crye.

This is one of my favorite Tied Down Ties:

vertical orange up close orange Corkscrew orange

And if you’re willing to spend a little more on a product of amazing design and quality then check out my friends at General Knot & Co. They make amazing ties, like this one!

vertical yellowup close yellow corkscrew yellow

An Etsy find:

vertical blue up close blue Corksrew blue

And finally, a classic Hugh & Crye.

vertical pink up close pink corkscrew pink

In the end, much like mother-in-laws, this situation can’t always be avoided. But with some tie diversification you can make sure it doesn’t happen too often. I don’t know how to help you with the mother-in-law thing.

Style…for a Man…in a Box

Do you like pizza? Of course you do! You’re not some kind of psycho…are you? You probably have a favorite pizza place or perhaps a list of favorites. And while they’re your favorites, you’re not exclusive to them. In fact, I’m sure from time to time you get pizza from other places. Why? Because pizza is so stinking good that you’re willing to try it from anywhere. And when you try pizza from different places, you may eventually find a new favorite to add to the list.

Well that’s how I’m starting to feel about subscription boxes. They’re wonderful! So while you may already have a favorite, don’t you owe it to yourself to try more than one? Who knows, you may find another favorite to add to the list.

A new favorite of mine is The Styled Man Box. You fill out a Personal Style Profile and then each month you get 4 to 6 accessories. Want to know more? Well, I had the opportunity to sit down (via email) with Lance McBrayer, Owner and Lead Curator for The Styled Man Box.

The Styled Man Box 2_Black_grid

Subscription Boxes are becoming all the rage – when did you decide to put one together?

I decided to put a subscription box together after coming back from my last European trip in France and Amsterdam. I had gotten a custom suit made and loved the idea of the place that I went to. They had a swatch book of and for everything I could ever think of – cloth, thread, buttons, lining, etc. I loved the idea of just being given everything I need and wanted – without even knowing that that I wanted it. That’s when I realized that there are so many men out there that don’t even know that they want items that they don’t know they want or need until the options are presented to them. Hence, The Styled Man Box was born.


I usually lead of with this – how did you decide on the name The Styled Man Box?

Well, I knew that I wanted a name that was an acronym and with the word “Society” in it. And I wanted the name to obviously have something to do with fashion. So, I went through all these words till I came up with STYLED. It stands for Society of Trendsetting Young Leaders and Elegant Dressers. It’s to promote a society of young (and older) gentlemen where they are groomed to be leaders in every aspect of their life and dress for success.


How do you decide what goes into each box?

For those that sign up for the monthly subscription, there is a Style Profile Form that they receive. From there, I’m able to tailor their box to their personal style and taste. While each month there is an overall theme, each box is curated for the individual gentleman.

Is curating a box each month more challenging than fun or more fun than challenging?

Hmmm. I believe that it’s more fun for me. I mean I love color coordinating in fashion. When I put a box together and it’s aesthetically pleasing layed out before being boxed, I get such a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. I embrace the challenge that comes from having to do that.


Are the contents of each box meant to be styled together as kind of a grab and go?

Yes, I curate the boxed items to be easily paired with each other. I believe that you should be able to take your suit, a shirt and some nice shoes and simply add your curated boxed items and, “Voila!” – you’ve just been STYLED.

Why should we buy your box…besides the obvious awesomeness contained inside?

Men should purchase The Styled Man Box because it’s simply the easiest, most economical and no-brainer way to automatically upgrade their style quotient on a regular basis.


You have some fantastic lapel pins in your online store, which one’s your favorite?

Thanks. We take pride in our Lapel Pin Collections. They are all designed and hand-made by myself. I was so tired of seeing the same ‘ole pins out there everywhere. I couldn’t take it! So, I decided to get creative. And, I just continuously get inspired. My favorite is in the Gears & Gadgets Collection. It’s these gold, silver and bronzed sprockets that I layer over each other. I love the metal tones together and each one becomes a unique, interesting little wearable work of art.

6_Black_body wash

When you dress up, what’s the one thing that you must have on, or feel unfinished without?

Well, before I would have definitely said a perfectly perched pocket square. Now, since the resurgence of the lapel pin, it’s my finishing touch.

Others companies don’t do this, but you have your clients fill out a personal style profile before receiving their boxes…why?

The Style Profile Form is to ensure that I get a pretty clear idea of what the clients overall style preferences are. I use that to keep them looking forward to receiving and pleased with their box each month as well as to help them, at times, step out and beyond their comfort style zone. It’s about being a trendsetter and leader in how they dress and accessorize.

8_Black_grid 2

And now Five Signature Questions with Christian:

Who is your Favorite Superhero or Villain?


Who wins in a fight Batman or Superman?

Batman – while I admire Superman’s bronze, Batman has the brains – and dresses really, really well. Lol.

Which Star Wars Character would you be?

I’d be Darth Vader – hands down has the best outfit – I’d make that cape look really good.

What’s your Favorite cereal of all time?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch… yum!

Are your dirty clothes on the floor or in the hamper, right now?

Ha!… my hamper zips, so right now, on TOP of the hamper.


What I Wore: Cerulean Chillin

Become a vulture! Huh? Okay, let me start from the beginning. I saw this tie at the store. And I wanted it. It was $69.95. I couldn’t justify paying that much. It’s nice, it’s just not Xbox One or PS4 game, nice. My problem is, if I don’t buy something right away, I start to regret it. I start thinking… it’s not gonna be there when I go back! I should’ve just bought it!!

But deep down, I know that if I’m just patient and wait it out, that tie will go on sale. The catch? Picking the right sale. You don’t want to just scoop it up on the first sale for a measly 20% off. So, like a vulture, you just have to watch it and wait. Until the right moment, when there’s no more fight left in it and then it can become yours! I think that’s what vultures do. If not that, it’s pretty similar.

So this has basically been a long winded way to tell you, I waited until this tie was on sale and ended up only paying $10.00!


1_grid 2_grid 5_shirt collage 3 6_shoes 3_shirt 7_final ensemble