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Bird’s Eye Blazer

Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful blazer!

Nothing makes me happier than food, but a beautiful blazer is a close second!

Nothing makes me happier than food and videogames and comics, but a beautiful blazer is up there! This is a Bird’s-Eye Wool Blazer from J.Crew! I don’t know what Bird’s-Eye Wool is…but I love it!  Maybe when I wear it, it’ll give me bird vision, but not just any bird…an Eagle. Yeah Eagle Vision…and not just any Eagle…Eagle Eye Cherry!!!


grid 1 grid 2 tie pocket square grid 3 socks belt glasses



Pinterest! (I totally made that up. It’s an original. Just don’t Google it!)

Lapel pins are a lot like people. They come in all shapes and sizes. And much like people, there are some you love, some you like, and some you completely ignore in hopes that they’ll go away. I thought it would be nice to show you some of my favorite lapel accessories to help you diversify your collection.


These felt beauties from Suited Man are perfect for adding a small amount of awesome.

Suited Man 1Suited Man 2

Two Guys Bowtie – These wooden lapel flowers are a unique and rustic way to stay dapper.


Hello Oliver – With a wide selection of color and sizes, Hello Oliver has a flower that’s right for you.

HelloOliver1 HelloOliver2

Don’t like flowers? Then BubiBubi Ties has the perfect lapel pins for you.


Harrison Blake‘s collection of lapel pins is vast, diverse and beautiful.

Harrison blake 1

MDI Collection‘s Etsy shop has the most unique variety of lapel accessories.


Dappertude has a great selection of lapel pins that are dapper with attitude…dappertude. Hey, I just got that!


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.28.20 PM

Hook & Albert‘s lapel flowers are elegant and unmatched in quality.

HookAlbert HookAlbert2

Magnepels offers a lapel pin that’s not a pin. They use magnets for a strong, secure fit.


Speaking Frankly

I’ve known some Franks in my day…Frank Costanza, Frank Castle, Frankfurter…

But one of the coolest Franks I know is Grand Frank, makers of mens accessories and ties! In fact, I have several of their ties which I will showcase for you thIs week via Instagram! The first of which is this paisley BAD BOY, pictured here.

1_grid 1 2_grid2a 3_belt4_buttonandsquare 5_shoes 6_tie7_suit

Additional outfit details:

Pocket Square:  Rocket Squares

Lapel Button: Bubibubi Ties

Belt: Dickies

Shoes: Sebago

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack


Bleecker Bleecker!

Last months Sprezzabox was the Bleecker box. That’s Bleecker not Beaker…Beaker is Dr. Bunsen Honydew’s assistant and Bleecker is a Sprezzabox filled with lots of great men’s accessories. This month was special though, as we were treated to the first ever Sprezza Tie and Sprezza Pocket Square. So what do you do on such a momentous occasion?

You show sprezzabox three ways!! Mee-Meep!!

All three pieces Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 tie square Flower