Hello! You may be wondering who or what is a GasketRaynes.

Well I love comic books. And a long time ago, I loved them so much I knew that when I got older I would be a comic writer or artist. And so I set out to write my own comic. And I named my hero GasketRaynes.

Much to my chagrin, I never became a successful comic anything. Evidently you need something, that they in the biz call “talent.” But the moniker I created stuck and I’ve used it ever since. Everything from emails to my Xbox account, I am GasketRaynes.

This blog focuses on another love of mine: clothes! Fashion and style are very personal things. I don’t think it’s my place to tell you the “rules” of what to wear or what not to wear. This is simply somewhere you can come and see my style. You can love it. You can even hate it. But that’s the point!

You can look and take inspiration as to what you might or might not ever wear. In either case, I will try to keep everything as fun as possible and make myself available to anyone who thinks I can help them.

So I hope you enjoy this fashion journey we take together.

Not a famous comic anything,