What I wore: 16 Bit Serenity

There are many things I enjoy. But of my actual hobbies, the only thing to even come close to rivaling my love of comics, is my love of video games.

Of course, it’s a love-hate relationship. I mean, they can be frustrating! Like, throw your control at the TV and EVERYTHING BREAKS, frustrating! But they can also bring feelings of joy and accomplishment. Like when you triumphantly jump from your chair, screaming in excitement, as you bravely save the world. That’s usually followed by a quick reminder of how lonely you are as there is no one else in the room. And you’re forced to high five yourself.

It’s not the best existence but it’s the one we chose! And you know what, once in a while…a very long while, the real world rewards you! Like Mr. Hankee has rewarded me by naming this gamer inspired pocket square, The Forbes!


Thanks Mr. Hankee! But I do this to save lives, not for recognition; just to save the lives of the fake men and women (really just the fake women) of the fictional world I happen to be unsuccessfully navigating my vehicle thru. If I wanted to play a driving game, I would play a DRIVING GAME! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!

FullSizeRender_grid 1 full size_jacket full size_grid 2 Vid Grid Shoes PicMonkey Collage