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I’m gonna blow your mind right now.

The Czech Republic drinks more beer than any other country in the world.

When it comes to drinking beer, they’re the number one seed! More beer per capita than anywhere else in the world is consumed there! On average 43 gallons (160 liters) per person, per year. The original Budweiser can be found in the Czech Republic. The Czech city of Pilsen is the home of pilsner. Beer is known to have been brewed here since 993 AD.

But there’s more!! They’re not just awesome at beer, they are amazing at men’s fashion accessories, especially ties!! And it’s all thanks to Anna and Peter, the owners of Bubibubi Ties. Together they have hand crafted some of the most beautiful, unique and diverse men’s accessories on the market.

Whether it’s one of their signature twin ties or a whimsical pocket square, you’re sure to find something that you’ll fall in love with. And I had the privilege of interviewing them!


Where did the name bubibubi come from?

Peter: I think it was originally some silly nickname that we used to call each other.

Why did you decide to make twin ties?

Peter: Sometimes it wasn’t easy to recommend to our customers a pocket square that goes well with the tie. Most of them were so used to seeing the “polyester satin same tie same pocket square” crap. So we decided to give them a little hint by putting the fabric of matching pocket square on the narrow end of the tie that could be hidden or you can show it off. It also makes a nice combo that people like a lot.

Anna: But it was all a process, we haven’t decided on this out of the blue. First we made a small collection of Twin ties (I thought we should name them somehow) and brought them to a designers market in Prague. We wanted to see how customers would react. Luckily most people really liked them and so it began… 🙂

You sell your products in-person at local market events in your area. Can you tell us what it’s like being at these events?

Peter: Local fashion markets are great opportunity for us to get in touch with our fans and customers. It’s always a great experience to see them enjoy our products, something that you can’t experience when selling online. Also some of our customers prefer to buy there because they can see products live, get a feel of the fabrics, try out the ties with their shirts or blazers. And we have a lot of fun with teaching our customers how to tie a bowtie or fold a pocket square.

Anna: Yeah that’s always fun. I am usually the one to teach how to tie a bowtie. Every time I show it to a customer, there’s immediately a bunch of people around, curious to see what’s happening J Also, we made some good friends there. We get to meet people that do the same thing as we do so we have a lot to talk about.


How much fun is it coming up with custom designs for weddings?

Peter: In Czech Republic, as opposed to the US, it’s not common to go for custom ties or bowties for a wedding. But we created a quite a few designs based on customers’ requests. They usually want to match the ties to a specific color range. It is a lot of fun to come up with the custom designs and new combinations.

Anna: I really liked this one wedding. The bride to be wanted six different floral ties. They had this rustic laid back barn wedding with a barbecue. Dress code was jeans and a white shirt. I really enjoyed that.

Why did you decide to do a monthly contest?

Peter: We like to run giveaways for our fans. It is one of the things that keeps them engaged. We wanted to have something running on regular basis and that’s when the idea of monthly giveaway was born. It also helps us build an email list so we can keep our customers and fans informed about all the important news.

What tie has sold out the fastest?

Peter: That was one of our first Twin neckties, navy/orange/brown plaid in combination with tobacco brown on the narrow end of the tie.

womensOne of the things you make are lady ties, which I think are super cool. Are they very popular in the Czech Republic?

Anna: Idea came from our lady customers. They were asking us to make something for them too. Of course women can wear a classic bowtie, but we wanted to do something special. We played with the design for a while and there’s a few ways to go about this. Finally we decided to go with the “you can tie this many ways” design I’m very happy we did that. I wouldn’t say they are VERY popular, but our customers love them.

Where do you sell more ties, in the Czech Republic or in the United States?

Peter: The proportion of sales in the US is increasing more than we expected.

You have some very unique pocket square designs, the bicycle, the feathers, etc. Is it important to you to have that diversity?  

Anna: We try to have a range of designs so that everybody can find his favorite color and pattern. We try to add something unusual here and there J The bicycle ties were a big hit, but the fabric is sold out anyway and we do want to keep our designs in small collections. We have a few new fabrics coming I’m really excited about.


And now Five Signature Questions with Christian:


Who is your Favorite Superhero or Villain?

Peter: Batman

Anna: Moriarty from BBC’s Sherlock

Who wins in a fight Batman or Superman?

Peter: Batman because he has Robin. They would trick him somehow for sure 😀

Anna: He doesn’t like superheroes that have unrealistic powers. J Batman for me too.

Which Star Wars Character would you be?

Peter: Boba Fett

Anna: Princess Leia – we took a quiz 😀

What’s your Favorite cereal of all time?

Peter: We don’t buy cereal but we bake one at home. It is made of oat flakes, almonds, raisins, honey, butter and we add a fresh fruit to serve.

Anna: Yeah, but I always really liked Nesquik. Like a late night snack to eat out of the box watching a movie 🙂

Are your dirty clothes on the floor or in the hamper, right now?

Peter: In the hamper. I’m known for that. You can ask my friends and family. 🙂

Anna: Yeah, I’m the messy one I guess. But it’s still in the hamper.

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