We Want You!

Have you ever been part of something? Not just anything, something cool. You know how sweet it would be if you could walk around be like: What’s up, I’m a Power Ranger. Or meet a girl and be like: Hey, there sweet thing (cuz. I’m super cool in this scenario) me and Danny Ocean are headed to vegas…Seriously, how cool would it be to be an Ocean’s 11?! One of Ocean’s 11? I don’t know how to say that correctly. Even if you were just the guy who was good at like riggin the slot machine to do something as a distraction…it would still be awesome!


Well the fine fellows at Me, My Suit and Tie have invited me to be part of their wonderful kickstarter (sort of). They’re like Danny Ocean, Rusty, Linus, Basher and Saul. You know the cool ones. And I’m like the nervous guy who can rig machines to do…to do…who knows! But I’m just happy to be a part of it!



These amazing Gents have put together some fantastic style boxes that you can get your hands on through their Kickstarter. In fact, in these duds you’ll feel like Danny Ocean himself! Check it out!